About Us

Leaving Montana and entering Idaho (Matt – left and David – right)

Howdy! We are Matt Harms and David Landis, and we love bike touring. We both have quite a few bicycle tours under our belts: David has done two cross-USA tours, Athens to Berlin in Europe, GAP and C&O Canal rail trails, the Camino de Santiago, Route Vert in Quebec and many others; Matt rode from Indiana to Utah and did lots of riding in Bosnia and Israel/Palestine when he was living and working in those areas. We both loved the idea of a bike tour that was off road so we could focus more on the scenery and physical exertion and less on avoiding speedy cars and lumbering RVs…  

David’s wife, Anna, and his two children Silas (2.5 years) and Eleanor (6 months) came along on tour to provide SAG support. We all met up most evenings to camp together. During the day, Matt and David rode their hearts out while Anna and the kids found the nearest playground, grocery store and most scenic route to the next campground. We had a marvelous adventure, taking in unparalleled scenery, growing in appreciation for public land and Forest Service campgrounds, meeting other intrepid adventurers, and becoming connoisseurs of camping stove pasta dishes. We hope you’ll follow along with our journey through our blog. Feel free to drop us a line using the contact form below. We’d love to be helpful with Great Divide preparations, traveling with a young family, bike specs, etc.

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