Fire Detour #1

Day 5: Eureka to Kalispell (60.6 miles)

Originally, we had planned a 90-some mile day from Eureka to Whitefish, heading back into the mountains and the Flathead River, but forest fires southeast of Eureka had closed portions of the route.

Instead, David and Anna contacted some friends of friends, who lived just north of Kalispell (south of the official route) and who were gracious enough to host us; so off we went for Kalispell.

For the first 12 miles from Eureka, we followed the GDMBR from town along a minor road that ran south parallel to US93. We then joined US93, and shortly ahead where the GDMBR turned east and headed for the mountains—and a fire related road closure—we continued on US93. Certainly not the most entertaining riding of the trip, but we made good time.

At one point, when US93 turned east toward Whitefish before going back south toward Kalispell, we cut the corner on KM Ranch road. Eventually, we were back on US93 for a short while—and in riding in rain for the first time on the trip—before reaching our friends’ contacts, Barb and Jerry, thankful for the hospitality of relative strangers and the prospects of warm beds and warm showers.