We Cross the Divide!

Day 2: Elkwood Campground to Sparwood (77 miles)

This morning began with a short detour: we had intended to start the day along a paved bike path that reconnected with the route a few miles down the road, but shortly after our campsite the bike path was closed due to bear activity. After a short backtrack, we were back on the paved road and quickly arrived at the trailhead for the Elk Pass Trail.

Reaching the first Divide crossing.

After a slow but manageable climb, we arrived at Elk Pass. Here we crossed the continental divide—the first of many such crossings on this trip—and entered British Columbia for the first time on the trip.

Elk Valley, leaving Alberta and entering British Columbia.

From the pass crossing, we descended gradually to Elkford, where we stopped for snacks. From Elkford, we headed straight south on highway 43—trail issues to the east made the GDMBR impassable for a short section—before we rejoined the GDMBR north of Sparwood.

Time to go down.
Meeting our first fellow Divide riders.

All in all a good day, but I’m starting to notice some saddle sore. So far so good with our bike setups—no breakdowns so far—and David notes that his wider tires (2.5″ Surly Extraterrestrials), thudbuster seatpost, and leather Brooks saddle have made for comfortable riding.